Auto steam (autosteam) on the la marzocco. Any idea how it works?

Hi, does anyone have an idea how the optional autosteam function works on the factory ordered la marzocco? In my research, the la marzocco manual only details how to set the temperature which is when the machine will shut off the steaming. But I assume (let's say the gb5) has a manual-turn steam valve. Is it bypassed by the autosteam? In fact.. Is there a steam knob at all? Is there a thermometer? A pid? How does it work mechanically? In addition tothat, how accurate is it? Has anyone wih experience using it found it helpful?
Also, lets say you wanted to bypass the autosteam option, can you? Could you make an extra hot drink?

Many thanks!


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Autosteam wands are perfect for locations without training programs. They are standard equipment on superautos - just push 2 buttons and you have a latte. 

They have no place or use in a quality-focused espresso bar.

We had the prototypes back in '99. They've probably changed since, but IIRC this is how if worked -

There is the normal steam valve up front, and a second electro-mechanical valve just after the boiler outlet.  There is a sensor on the back of the knob that detects the knob position, and when it's opened, the  EM valve is opened as well.  Then once the preset temperature of the milk is reached, the EM valve is closed by the CPU.  There is an NTC (negatively charged thermocouple) probe that's in the milk with the wand that communicates the milk temp to the CPU. 

This is also how the Mastrena works.  And probably every other machine with this feature.  

It really has no bearing on the quality of the steamed milk.  Barista competence, size of steam tip orifice and pressure have more to do with that.   All it does is shut off the steam at a preset temp.   I can tell you  that they can be a service issue.  The major problem being that baristas get lazy and leave the milk in the wand for extended periods after the wand has shut off.  And this leads to a clogged wand.  I probably clean 10-15 steam wands a week because of it.  This is also somewhat dependent on the shape/size of the pitcher.

That's really helpful, thanks Scott! Do you remember if you can bypass the autosteam and continue steaming or does it always shut off?



Sure thing Alex.  I think I was incorrect on one part of the operation, in that you probably have to push a button to activate the autosteam feature prior to steaming.  So, in that you can bypass the feature by not pressing the button.  

You can always take the plunger out of the steam valve. That'll bypass it for sure. But then you might as well not order the auto-steam feature. Personally I think it's a PITA as it just ends up being one more electronic Doo-dad that eventually malfunctions and causes people to wring their hands that the machine is "broken". Using milk thermometers and putting the few minutes into training is really pretty easy and saves trouble and expense in the long run.

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