Hi Everyone!

My name is Todd Mackey, I work for New Harvest Coffee Roasters and I am running for Northeast Chapter Rep. The main elections yielded a tie between myself and Mr. Park Brannen of Cafe Grumpy. Because of this, there is now a week long runoff election going on over at the BGA blog! My charge to all BGA'ers in the Northeast: Head over and vote! Here is a link that takes you straight to the action - http://baristaguildofamerica.blogspot.com/2011/04/bga-chapter-repre...


On this page, you will see some reasons both Park and I have outlined as to why we would like to serve as your Rep. If you feel so compelled, take time with our presentations of self and make a careful decision as to who you would like to have representing you this term. If you don't, shoot from the hip and put a vote in anyway!


I would absolutely love to serve the BGA and its Northeast Chapter this term as Representative. My aim would be to bring as much energy as I can to the table and advocate for more professional opportunities via the BGA and SCAA for the Northeast Region.


Thank you for taking the time out to read this!

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Hey, Todd!! I don't know if you remember me, but you trained me when I started out as a barista for Seven Stars. Now I'm BGA certified and working at one of the best specialty coffee shops in Los Angeles! If that's not a good mark in your favor, I don't know what is.


Good luck, I think you'll do really well. :)


Catch you at some BGA event or another, I'm sure!


-Chloe (previously Evan) !

Hey Gang,


As another member of the barista public out here in Providence, I can definitely attest to Todd's enthusiasm and commitment to the advancement of the bean and its practitioners. Any of you go to the Mid-Atlantic Northeast Artisan Coffee Conference last year, or maybe planning to go this year? Todd is a part of the machine that makes that happen. Dude wears more hats at New Harvest Coffee Roasters than anyone I have ever met - trainer, sales rep, taking tech calls, running espresso catering - and he still finds time to help organize events for the Providence Coffee Society. He was also one of the first people in New England to become a certified BGA barista, so you know he is invested in the BGA.


So that's who I'd vote for.



Also, this is a link to the page to exercise your democratic rights within the organization:

This is the voting page

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