I recently purchased a new Astra Mega II Compact for use as a backup/event machine. Out of the box running blistering hot, measured as high as 218f via Scace Thermofilter. Dialed Sirai pstat all the way down, which lowered the boiler down to 0.7bar, getting start of shot down to ~203f rising to ~206f by end of shot. Bizarrely a long (like as long as 30 seconds) flush and go results in an even higher start of shot! :?:

This was late afternoon Friday past. Astra was closed for the weekend by the time I called so shot an email. Richard from Astra called back this morning, and they're sending longer tubes from boiler HX to the groups but I'm not too optimistic. They're willing to replace the machine but I agreed to give the longer lines a shot.

Anyone have any experience with these lower end about as basic as you can get Astra HX machines?  Got me baffled. :oops:

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This one's well outside of my comfort zone, but I'll toss out some thoughts.

Not sure what the Astra hX configuration is, but I know some are sensitive to boiler fill level (since contact with water conducts heat differently than contact with steam). What happens if you lower the fill level?

I'm certain you've read Dan Kehn's bit over on HB about flush routines for a given style of hX machine. You'll probably benefit from the shortest possible flush, but you've always struck me as having a pretty good grasp on that stuff anyway so that isn't likely news to you...

Longer tubes might get you a little bit. Did Richard mention any alternate jetting schemes for the thermosyphon loop? Some manufacturers sell different jets to increase or decrease flow through the loop and influence temperature that way. On others (ex: Cimbali) you can change the length of the cold water injection tube to influence output temperature.

Sorry this isn't more helpful. I'm really interested to hear how this works out for you and will post anything I can find on the subject.

Long story short and many MANY hours of wasted energy later 2 machines and 3 sets of longer tubing later both machines returned and refund on the way. 

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