I'm debating on attending a barista school for a drive-thru I want to open. Do you get the proper training in the short period of time?  How does each one rate?

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No question about it. Ask any graduate of Matt's school what they think of the ROI.
I have not been to his or any "all in one" solution like ABC. Because of funds I had at the time I had to piece meal it all from separate training seminars. For most it will depend on the money's at hand at the time. When my shop grows to a point that allows it, I would like to send staff to take parts of his training that would apply to there needs. If you can budget for this training don't hesitate.
You will never regret it.
-- Ambassador for Specialty Coffee and palate reform.
Hi! As a vendor and sponsor of some of the schools out there, I would say the value is certainly there! There is another discussion about this on Barista Exchange at this link:

One of the things that I see with clients is that they always seem to be a little sharper and more focused when they have attended ABC or one of the other training schools.
Knoledge is good. More knoledge is better. In this business if you can raise the bar in your shop, it raises the bar for the whole neighborhood of coffee shops. End result is the customers can taste it and sence the passion of your staff for producing the very best drink they can. Part of the bottom line is return business.
my wife and I attended ABC. it was worth every penny.
Yes... with a caveat. From my experience with barista that have attended... It depends on the student. Just like school or college, if you have three years of French and don't apply it, or continue to learn, it will be like the training was never there.

The known schools are great, but it's applying the training continuously that can make you a great barista; otherwise, you will just be a former student.
I may be biased, but absolutely.

I have had clients who excelled. They were easily the best coffee in their respective communities in almost no time flat because they had the training. It's a lot easier to open your store with "guns blazing", as it were, right out of the gate. Starting with a reputation for quality can only help to drive your brand, and to build your business.
As a recent graduate of ABC (the American Barista & Coffee school- Portland, Or) I must say, the experience and training was invaluable, lots of fun too! I am in the process of pursuing my own coffee business and feel I can move forward with the confidence and the information I need to make educated decisions regarding any coffee path I take- ie sit-down cafe, drive-thru or mobile unit.
The bottom line is your customers will notice a difference. With so many places to get a coffee you need to be very good at your craft. A school will give you knowledge. It also covers much more then making drinks. I tell people it may be the best money they will spend during the opening process.

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