A customer of mine had a 3-group volumetric Unic Diva in her back room and asked me to take a look at it.  I did, and it works, sorta.  Weird machine.  I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about these machines - shot quality, reliability, etc.



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i've used and worked on a unic diva single that we had for a demo its a work horse for a single but i think its a 20 amp not 15 110v as far as shot quality it wasnt bad pretty good infact for a 110 unit. kills an oscar even though its much more commercial they are just close in price unic is a tad more. never seen a 3grp though does it have the teflon or plastic wands???? thats the only thing i dont like!
Can a unic be a diva? It all sounds a little Baton Room to me...
Yeah... had quite a bit of fun with that so far. Especially since the machine is actually missing a few parts, and I'm trying to locate replacements.

Yes it has the teflon wands. Or one of them at least. The other one had disappeared. Here's a pic that shows this strange wand.

Fired it up the other day to see where we stood. It functions, but clearly needs screens and gaskets, a pressurestat, hi-limit, new wand, o-rings...

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