When a POS doesn't make sense financially, what cash register brands/models do you guys recommend?  Seems like all I read is how hard they are to program.  Is there anyone out there that just loves their cash register?  My top two right now are Casio PCR-T470 and Sharp XE-A206. Anyone have experience with the dealer-programmed models?

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I suggest looking into the Square POS for iPad.  It's free to download and use - and they even send you a credit card dongle for swiping cards.


We ran a test in a production environment on the POS back in June during a festival and it performed admirably, though there were a few glitches that I presume have been corrected by now.  Evidently, Square makes up for its costs through the CC fees, which are about 2.75% per transaction.  More than what my company pays per transaction today but certainly more affordable than a traditional POS terminal ($5K).


In fact, as we move forward with expansion into different markets, we're going to test implement the SquarePOS and see how it performs.

Great suggestion Jay, and I actually have a Square reader on the way. The reason I nixed that route for now though is the newness & uncertainty on how Square will actually run on IPad. It still just doesn't have the level of detailed reporting I was looking for that I know I can get on a register. However, I think it's going to be a great solution for mobile uses, like at farmers markets and special events. Has a lot of potential.

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