Hi friends,
I found a helpful thread about portable espresso / gas powered setups on here previously started by Gwilym Davies that answered some questions. But I was hoping to get any extra advice you might have since it's been a few years since that thread was active. Maybe you know of another thread you could point me towards?

I'm hoping to have this be as portable as possible. For electric we'll have marine grade battery packs with converters....hopefully these will be adequate to run grinders and the autofill on the espresso machine. We'll also need electrical to keep the barista fridge cold and possibly to heat hot water kettles for pourover. Thought we might also simply batch brew off site into 5-gallon cambros and transport to accommodate volume at certain events. Can't be too weighted down though...We've about 700-800 lbs to work with here...that has to include liquids too!

Any tips / advice / help would be appreciated. Have you worked with a lever machine before? I'm well aware of the necessity of a dedicated well-trained barista for this application...we will not compromise on that front so let's not bother getting into that. But as far as manufacturers...machines that you like as opposed to others? I'm leaning towards Rancilios, but it's nice to Astoria at my doorstep with a 1-day turnaround for the setup and future parts orders. There's also the Arduino Athena Leva that's a sexboat.

Thanks fellow baristi!

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Ahh geez...shoulda looked a little more...just found a few recently updated threads about lever machines. Will read through those also. But of course, please feel free to post!
Thanks guys...

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