What do you think about Anfim Grinders??

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I was in the equipment business for many years. Anfim grinders are okay, but certainly not as bullet-proof as Mazer grinders (ie Astoria or Mazer Brand). They tend to not stay in adjustment as well, vibrating out of adjustment.

Having used one for the last year, I must agree with most of the opinions about them: good and bad...

They certinaly are very precise, easily cleaned and repaired, efficent with wastage and seem to last a long time.

However, I continually have a problem with the chute between the burrs and the dosing chamber. Coffee just builds up there and must be cleared if there is any elapsed time between shots. In a busy enviroment, these grinders can keep up, stay very time and waste efficient, and works very cooly and quickly.

While they are not the final, perfect grinder, they are well on their way and are doing better than most others I've used. 3 cheers for inovation!

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