My shop owners and I are talking about ditching regular drip coffee in favor of just doing Americanos. We're going to be half a block away from a busy street corner in Chicago, right by an elevated station. So lots of foot traffic.

And before someone jumps on me for not "getting" why drip coffee is awesome, let me add here that love drip coffee. This is a move toward only serving only fresh coffee, with nothing sitting in airpots. I'm a firm believer in slow coffee, so Chemexes and so on will be available for order. And as much as I'd like to have a bank of drippers, I don't think we have the space/plumbing to make it happen.


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Do you mean your espresso is only SO and not a blend?

Brian Thayer said:
I'm running a temporary coffee cart right now with a dual La Marzocco setup: 3 group Linea and the Swift grinder. These two paired allow me to run the thing by myself. Anyway, I only can serve americanos off the cart simply for lack of space- nobody has missed the drip coffee. I explain the similarity between the americano and drip and the differences; people seem to like the education and my dedication to their enlightenment. I only serve espresso and single origin, no decaf. That has also worked to my favor (since I'm on a college campus).

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