Amazing Vintage Espresso Machine, Victoria Arduino - $2900.00

Up for grabs, my amazing, beautiful, vintage, espresso machine by Victoria Arduino. I think this is a circa 1980's machine, single gruppo, machine. 
The machine was recently overhauled by the experts at Emilio Mitidieri's shop in San Francisco.

The vertical design maximizes counter space and is a huge attention getting espresso machine.  

Not only does the Venus Bar offer a fantastic functioning machine it possesses maximum eye appeal, and when she gets functioning at full speed our brass lady creates her own music, drawing sophisticated coffee lovers to her side. Giving your patrons the true experience and taste of espresso and its associated beverages at their peak is the ultimate goal, and this lady delivers! 

CE and NSF/ETL Approved

Water requirements: Water source with a constant flow rate of 35 GPH (0.6 gpm) with maximum pressure of 70 PSI.
Drain requirements: Open gravity drain of minimum 1.25 inch I.D., within 4 feet of the machine. 

Victoria Arduino recommends to operate the machine on water that does not exceed 3 gpg of hardness.

Machine comes with the factory external water pump that installs under your counter.

Counter Space Requirements:

• Height: 43 inches
• Depth: 20 inches
• Width: 20 inches
• Weight: 130 pounds 

External Water Pump Assembly
Drain Hose
Stainless Steel Braided Water Inlet Hose

One lever-action group
Cup warming tray
Steam wand
Hot water dispenser
Heavy duty steam and hot water knobs
Flying eagle decoration
Huge 16 qt. boiler
20 Amp
220-240 Volt 

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