Came across this recently and felt I had to share as well as ask if anyone has been able to play with one of these yet. Not for sale as of yet but there seem to be quite a few insiders here and I was hoping maybe someone can attest to the quality of product this beautiful machine makes, or had any more information about it.


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They actually haven't been THAT quiet, they're just a tiny group and have some serious industry leaders looking into their product.

I simply checked their Facebook page and can see that their machines will be in Verve, Blue Bottle and Stumptown this week.  If they can nab those three accounts they are already pretty well set.  Intelligentsia is probably soon to follow, and I know I would absolutely love to have one in (as John suggested) a shop centered around it, rather than the espresso machine.  I think this type of machine would work extremely well in certain markets, and probably completely bomb out in other markets.

Pairing a Steampunk with a lever machine at a location that also roasts on site and in view of the customers would be a certain recipe for success, IMO.


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