Alchemy Collective is the first worker owned specialty cafe, like, anywhere, as far as I can tell.  When I had the idea, I recruited two creative, passionate baristas, and together we planned, researched, fundraised, wrote and rewrote business plans.  We started off selling pourover at a farmer's market, then hand built our own espresso cart, and now that cart is the counter in our own little cafe.  There are now 6 of us, sharing the burdens and the rewards of owning a business.  And with our pool of skills, we've been able to buildout the cafe ourselves, design and print our own T shirts, logo, website, pourover stand, etc.  We rarely have to outsource for anything, we have no employees, and no boss.  Both wage and profit sharing are calculated by hours actually worked, and all decisions are made democratically with one person getting one vote.  And if you think a group of people could never come together on so many decisions, well, the proof is in the cup, and the cafe.  It's amazing how cooperative people can be when they have a mutually beneficial goal to work toward;  To be successful, to be the best, and to say goodbye to bosses.

We serve Verve coffee, only in single origin pourover and espresso form, we have organic whole milk, and Blue Diamond almond milk only.  No syrups, only house made chocolate ganache.  No wifi, just a cozy little space where you can enjoy a top notch espresso in the company of friends or your friendly worker-owner barista.

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