I'm very excited about going to the Southeastern Roasters Conference in NOLA this year. I've heard word of a new class being introduced in studying air flow. I've been compiling a journal to bring with me with experiments that I've completed with light roast/dark roast variables in changing my two airflow components. Now I KNOW a lot of you roaster nerds have opinions about air flow, we all do- let's be honest, and some are more tight lipped about their profiling than others. If any of you are willing to share things you've come across regarding air flow and ways to manipulate certain origins or blends by altering air flow, I'd be curious and grateful for your insight. It certainly doesn't have to be specific if don't want it to. I've also been curious about talking to the Big Green Egg smoker nerds about their experience with different meats and adjusting air flow. I have a lot of interest in how moisture content (different meats would be a similar contrast to dank/thin green coffees) affects said air flow and heat with the desired roast effect. I hope at least one person replies to this.



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Sorry, I've been a Pellethead low & slow kind of guy for over 2 decades LOL. 

I give chaffy coffees like sidamas a lot more air than others obviously. Decafs get less, just enough to keep them from getting smoky. Otherwise where I work, air flow is pretty much the same for each blend and varietal. Time and temp vary.

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