We are looking for a vessel into which we can brew our aeropress.  It is in a retail setting, so we are looking for something that is durable yet classy and will be able to pour into other cups/mugs well.  Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Steaming pitchers for us.  As long as you keep them drip and scratch free they look plenty classy.

If you want something really classy for your "in-house" you could always rock some Silodesign glasses! :)  They're strong enough you could press without damaging them.


A frieling french press or thermal serving pitcher would look HOT!

I second the steaming pitcher suggestion. The 16oz is a perfect size. Also, have you tried the Hario Stovetop decanter?

Or use the TruBru stand to AeroPress into any vessel you desire.

Like this:

Press This

I always wondered why one couldn't pop a couple of holes on opposite sides of the bottom flange and tie in a bungee or length of surgical tubing (slingshot style). Load the plunger, stretch the band over the top, and forget about it. Since the forces are all reacted internally it would sit happily on a Hario carafe or even a paper cup.

Anybody tried that before?

I'd have tried it myself a while ago, but really don't care that much about Aeropress. Perfectly viable brew method, I just don't ever do it.

Thank you for all of your suggestions.  I think we're going to use steaming pitchers for now since we can repurpose them once we find something that we love to replace them. 


We would love something as durable/hefty as a mason jar, but with a spout and a handle...hmm...

Know any glass blowers?

Serving aeropress at an espresso bar I work at. We bought some replacement glasses for Bodum French Press to brew into. Just looks like a groovy beaker, which plays into the science experiment feel that goes along with it.

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