Every tuesday, Thursday, Saturday AND Sunday we get shipments of random varietys, and everytime we get stuff in I send 2 ppl up to clean and organize said room. So WHY am I always in here cleaning and organizing? Kids do your manager a favor, use that love you all surely have for the coffee shop you represent and give some of it to the stock/storeroom. Your managers will love and appriciate it. Does anyone out there feel me?

Woo, ok, I feel better. I'm done.

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Certainly do. I am always tripping over stuff just left in a stupid place.
Your problem is sending two of them up there. Send one at a time and they'll do less talking and more working....
Its a never ending battle. The first thing we will design in our next store will be the back room. So much labor time is lost in the back room. We currently operate out of a terrible stockroom way way too small. Our next shop will have a true receiving area with a temporary storage area big enough to accommodate all orders so that things can always be put in place and stock properly rotated. It feels like we are organizing every day.

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