Is anyone able to give me some more information about this curious piece of equipment? I am from Victoria, Australia, and was in the bush checking out an old gold miner's hut that belongs to my boyfriend's family, and I came across this. The miners obviously used it to make better-than-instant coffees with steamed milk - a very clever invention.. I haven't experimented with it yet (or finished cleaning it!) but was hoping someone could tell me a little more about it! On the base it says 'Milano TC.L Made in Italy".

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More photos attached showing the inside seal and filters.. It can't be too old, the seal is in very good condition! Either that or it just hasn't been used much.
Nice find
Stove top espresso pot with steam wand! I have been looking for something like this to add to my collection.
Wow! Agreed with Derryl's ID - that's a moka pot with steamwand. Very cool. Lots of how-to info on moka pots around.

Personally, I'd want to know that an over-pressure valve was present and functional before trying to use it... not sure how you verify that safely. Don't see one in the pictures though. If it is there, you might want to just replace it first to be sure?
I don't see a pressure gauge either. be nice to "tee-in" before the steam valve and install both a guage and a safety valve
looks a lot like this thing...maybe an early prototype?
Oh wow! Thanks everyone for your feedback - I will have a look in to the over-pressure valve. I notice there is something underneath that black band that goes around the middle but I haven't tried to take it apart yet.. it looks as though it can be taken apart here, but I have been a little hesitant as I don't want to break it! But by the looks of things, if I do, it won't be too hard to find something to fix it. Thank you very very much! =)
Victoria Stubbs said:
Oh wow! Thanks everyone for your feedback - I will have a look in to the over-pressure valve.

If it's anything like the steamtoys that I've messed with in the past, the gasket in the seal acts as an OPV. Pressure gets too high, it blows the gasket out of the seal before the thing goes off like a bomb.
OTOH, you can test that next time you're out in the bush by setting it up on a campfire and walking away.
If it goes boom, it was inadequately over-pressure protected! ; >
I was kinda thinking something along the lines of the little hex jobbie on my moka pot. About half an inch in diameter, kinda rivet-looking with a hole in the middle.

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