50's sunbeam eclectic electric perculator! yeah-boy!

hey bx-ers...my old sunbeam electric perculator has been gathering dust up on the shelf for too many years now!  i want to put it back to work...not brewing coffee, jeez no!--those perculators made about the worst brew ever!  i will have to research and find another heating element, 'cause yes, your's truly did forget to add water while the thing was getting ready to do its thing...duh!  anyways, what in the world can i do with it besides make water hot?!  i mean, come on...that perc!...omg, is that like a sound straight out of heaven or what?!  that sound with a decent perc smell sends so many epicurian messages to the old brain here.  what can i do with it?  i need a creative advisor to step forward and help me bring this thang from the 50's up into the modern world...let it earn a respectable wage again, even though it will have to deal with depression as a result of the deflated dollar!


help my old sunbeam perculator perc once again!,



the coffee hound

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marek, thanks for the ebay link...have gone on there from time to time, but haven't recently...kind of forgot about ebay with so much other stuff going on!...thanks for the reminder, i'll keep checking it for parts, etc.



the coffee hound

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