that's mounted outside my coffeeshop. the sign will go on the eyebolts beneath it. it's six feet in the air. i reckon it's pretty awesome

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Off topic, Jared, but I'd like to hear from you about your K10 WBC. I'm in the market for something new.
i'd recommend one, but i've not ever played with a mahlkonig or a robur or anything, so it's hard to compare. certainly smokes a super jolly, though. grinds an 18g double really quickly, and on my gb/5 the espresso's texture comes through syrupy and smooth. i like tools that give me no excuse if the drink sucks - if it's bad, it must be barista error. the k-10 does that so far.
That's amazing!! It would draw me in for sure.
dude.. you did it! amazing!
This updosing thing is getting out of hand...
Nicely done. I dig the spouts. Very iconic. Without them people may think it is some kind of pipe shop. ;) love to check it out in person someday.
so now that you have the portafilter....who is ready to build the machine?
That just made my week. Fantastic!!!
That's ridiculous. and awesome.
Can't wait to come see it! The local Asheville roaster scene is about to take off man! Keep havin fun!
Pretty Awesome Signage!
wowww... How do you made it?????? its really amazing.

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