that's mounted outside my coffeeshop. the sign will go on the eyebolts beneath it. it's six feet in the air. i reckon it's pretty awesome

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Nice! Did you fabricate that yourself?
I reckon I agree with you. Pretty sweet!
What's it made of? Looks sweet. Chop off the spouts and you're in business :)
It's beautiful!!
i had it done by . guy's down the road from me and he made it from a welding gas tank (the handle) and the end of a propane tank (the basket). i'd have gone for the naked portafilter but it wouldn't be as iconic
Is that a double or a triple basket...
Pure awesome though
well the piece he had was a bit shallow, so it looks like one of those elektra double baskets. i'm going to fill the basket with black volcanic rock once i find some, to simulate coffee
I totally love this!!!!

Now you need a 400 foot tall Compak K10 WBC.

Speaking of which, didn't you just get one?
yeah i did. gonna grab a doserless soon too, but i really like the WBC edition. and it totally changes the way the espresso tastes - so much more approachable and clean
Next can you create a full time flow of creama that is pumped from the permanent cup below it back up the pipe through the handle so the cup never fills like a fountain? Not very hard to do. Just be careful the kids don't throw a bottle of Ivory liquid soap into it. Then you would get the full steamed milk look down the road.
Most commercial fountains are eventually turned off because of pranks like that in our big city's around here.
On second thought, turn it on only for special events.

Ambassador for Specialty Coffee and palate reform.
i was actually thinking of getting some waterproof fabric or rope and attaching it to the spout so it looked like it was pouring. but we'll see
I think your onto something. Book of world records, largest latte on record? Hey lets go for it. Ahhh, that is of course, providing you have a real portafilter here? Ahh, heck I have a drill. I'm getting way ahead of myself. I just realized there is no machine above the portafilter. Maybe a pour over portafilter? Largest pourover pot of coffee. ;) , I like your brown rope idea Jared. When it comes to the business of Coffee, anything for advertising and marketing and tons of fun.

Ambassador for Specialty Coffee and palate reform.

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