Thanks to They were the only ones to post this that I could find, so I thought I would re-post. See the original post at

Jordan Barber (Cafe Grumpy)
Scott Lucey (Alterra Coffee)
Robin Seitz (PT’s Coffee Company)
Jesse Bladyka (Coal Creek Coffee Company)
Andrew Milstead (Urban Coffee Lounge)
Ryan Wilbur (Intelligentsia)
Joe Marrocco (Kaldi’s Coffee)
Jared Truby (Verve Coffee Roasters)
Laila Ghambari (BARISTA)
Nicholas Krankl (Taste Coffee)
Trevor Corlett (Madcap Coffee)
Charles Babinski (Intelligentsia Coffee)
Devin Pedde (Intelligentsia Coffee)
Ryan Knapp (Madcap Coffee)
Tyler Wells (Frank)
Sara Peterson (Verve Coffee Roasters)
Chris Baca (Verve Coffee Roasters)
They join your previously announced regional winners:
Lemuel Butler (Counter Culture Coffee)
Pete Licata (Honolulu Coffee Roasters)
Mike Marquard (Kaldi’s Coffee)
Danielle Glaksy (Stumptown)
Mike Phillips (Intelligentsia Coffee)
Greg Lefcourt (Ozo Coffee)
Lorenzo Perkins (Cafe Medici)
Jeremy Sterner (Peregrine)

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Anyone happen to know where to find the schedule for Saturday?
Should be posted at

At least, that's were the lineup from the last 2 days has been. It will probably post in the morning.
They JUST posted the schedule on the main site. Here's a link.

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