Diedrich IR12, with NI 9211 DAQ
Manufacturing date unknown, sometime between 1981-89. When we bought it in 2010, the original owner told us this:
"The roaster is a Diedrich IR-12 that was modified by Diedrich to an IR-24 (24 Kilo's) It's an older model, when they made these instead of manufacturing 2 different size machines for the 12 and 24, they made one larger capacity machine and set them up differently for each model.
Mine was original bought as an IR-12. Someone traded it in to Diedrich for a larger roaster. I had good luck and happened to call Diedrich to see what they had used as they were getting this one in. They completely refurbished it and then I paid extra to have it modified to an IR-24. I don't remember everything they did, but I think they pretty much disassembled the whole machine, they did a bunch of mods that made it easier to clean, they added the second burner which turned it into an IR-24 along with some other mods to the electronics. They actually replaced the original burner so there were two brand new burners in the machine. They also sand blasted the drum, it took us several roasts to get it nice and seasoned again. I don't remember what else was done other then going through the whole machine and replacing anything that needed to be replaced or updated.
The machine has been very lightly used over the years and well maintained. Which is really just vacuuming the chaff collector after every time I used it. Keeping it clean and lubricated. There are certain things they suggest doing at certain intervals, which I do. I never once had any problems with it."
He bought the roaster in 1992, started using it 1993. We have a bunch of photos from when we bought in 2010 if you're interested. We have the original manuals, and I can confirm what the original owner told us based on various physical dimensions mentioned in the service manual. Over the years I have upgraded/modified the machine in several ways:
1.) Added manometer after gas valve for precise flame adjustment.
2.) Sealed agitator gear box with silicone to keep out chaff
3.) Changed rear sprockets to bring drum speed up to 44 from 26
4.) New analog thermometer in faceplate (still have original gauge)
5.) Added TC bean probe below trier (type K, 1/8")
6.) Added TC environment probe above and to the right of faceplate gauge (type K, 1/8")
7.) Added TC ambient probe in hopper (type K, 1/8")
All bearings have been regularly greased, the exhaust blower motor oiled, chaff collection area cleaned out every roasting session, and the exhaust venting regularly cleaned out. There have been occasional minor problems, all of which have been dealt with immediately. These include:
1.) The miter gears in the agitator gear box have a tendency to work loose, requiring a retightening of their set screws. This is why I sealed the box (thinking chaff might have something to do with it).
2.) On one occasion, one of the leads to the pilot ignitor came loose, preventing the pilot from lighting and thus the burner as well. I refastened it in its place.
3.) On a few occasions the set screw on the drum sprocket has worked loose, requiring to be retightened.
4.) One of the TC hookups on the NI 9211 does not work, thus it only supports datalogging for three probes instead of 4.
All in all, we have had remarkably little trouble with machine. It is fully operational (has to be, as it's our current production roaster!). A new NI9211 unit (with chassis) costs around $700. We are asking $14,000, not including any shipping fees. Let me know if you are still interested, or would like any more specific photos. We still have the original crate.

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