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As the majority of the country starts to save up for the Holidays, I’ve started saving right along with them, but for a completely different reason: I’m moving to the West Coast.

I’m truly excited about the move. Sure it’s a fresh start in a new city, with new people and new surroundings, but that’s not my main reason for excitement. I’ve never felt truly challenged as a barista before, and I am anticipating this new store and new boss to completely kick my butt when it comes to being challenged. In the past I would challenge myself to get better and better everyday, but I never found myself really pressed to improve my skills from any of my co-workers or bosses in the past. It’s not that they were poor workers, it’s just that there is a difference between a barista and a career barista. There is always something to learn, and in the past helping to challenge, teach and train my fellow baristas was always something that helped to advance my knowledge of the craft, but I never felt challenged back. Although there was pressure, it was not the same as direct attention from someone that cares as much or more about the quality of coffee than you do. I’ve never felt intimidated before, and now I do. It’s a strange feeling to be excited about intimidation. To be overjoyed about being forced to push your limits. I’m actually looking forward to no longer being a standout.

As I move to new shores and a new coast, I’ll have to let go of the coast and coasting that came with this Michigan shore that I have come to love for so long. When I walk into work from now on I’m not going to throw lingo over people’s heads if I start talking about coffee beyond “light roast and dark roast.” I’m moving to a shop where people can pull flavors out of a coffee in the same way I try to. I’m moving to a shop where people challenge themselves to become better everyday, just like I have done for so long.

It will be nice to be in like company.

18 days.


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Bryan. I am doing the exact same thing. I have been at my shop since I was sixteen, and after more than three years, 'm moving to the other side of the country. The new shop is brand new. And they know their stuff. I have the exact same feelings you do. crazy. We should keep each other posted on whats happening. would be cool to compare!
I'll be in Vancouver, WA


Krista said:
Where abouts on the Westcoast are you going?

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