Does anyone know of good coffee shops in Indianapolis? I'd prefer to support the local store owners instead of the large retail chains, but I've yet to find a suitable local coffee shop. Does anyone have any suggestions? Something on the north or northeast side of Indy would be perfect.

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I can confirm that Indianapolis still exists. That is all.

Hi Matthew,
We are still here, Bjava Coffee at 56th and Lafayette Rd. 10 min northwest of downtown. You can find us on Facebook and twitter.
We have some new friends in the Fountain Square neighborhood on Prospect St, called Funkyard. I got a good espresso there this evening.

Calvin Fletcher's Coffee on Virginia Ave is pretty good.

You could also check out Earth House Cafe on New York and East Street.

Hope you can make it up to Bjava while you are in town.

As a roaster myself, I'm always looking to check out other roasters and found Stanton Coffee on a trip through Indy many years ago.  Good espresso, great coffees, and really friendly people.  Been quite a while since I've been there now, but it's worth a shot if you haven't tried them yet:

Stanton Coffee Roasters & Tea

5214 West 79th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Sadly Tim Stanton stopped roasting about 4 years ago. Bjava is in his old strip mall space, and we are roasting.

Thanks for the update.  I'll probably be passing through Indy one more time before moving out west this summer - I'll try to make time to check out your shop on the way.

Thanks everyone.    I will try to stop out

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