Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Rwanda Buf Cafe from AJ Coffee Co in a press.
Pour over Honduras from Coava. Incredible.
It is an excellent coffee. They had a Sidama a few months ago that was so good I had to take it back to my favorite roaster in my hometown. It knocked their socks off!

Ricky Sutton said:
Honduras David Mancia is one of my favorite coffee's from Coava. We've been pulling fantastic shots of it at my shop for a week.

Stephen Cadieux said:
Pour over Honduras from Coava. Incredible.
Finca Mauritania Auction Lot from Counter Culture.  Woah.

Same here Kara D., except all ya'll will be mad at me.  I was running late to school and instead of having a dopio with a creamy crem on top.  I had to get my coffee on the go from McDonalds!! ;X!  Shoot me....  I can't wait to have money to buy my coffee espresso machine (Musica) to make my own drinks... soon, soon.


BTW  Anybody heard of "Organo Gold?" (  It's coffee beans coated with an extract from an ancient chinese herb that promotes a health booster, and conditioner.  Hmmm...wonder where they are getting their beans?

Three Peckered Billygoat dark roast from Raven's Brew Coffee in Anchorage, Alaska. In the French press. It's the best I've ever had. And what I usually drink. 

Two shots pulled from PID equipped Gaggia Classic:


Black Cow Espresso Blend: 60% Brazil DP Bob-O-Link; 30% Sumatra DP Mandheling (recently replaced a WP Honduras Marcala, which didn't quite pull its weight);  10% Indian Monsooned Malabar; 10% El Salvador DP Santa Rita. Wet pipe tobacco, extra dark chocolate, toasted almonds (with burnt edges?), cooked bananas. Amazing contrast of pungency and sweetness. 


SO Ethiopia DP Sidamo Korate. Over-ripe berries (I picture strawberries with dark spots on them), muddy earthiness, melted chocolate, with perfumey acidity. Strangely delicious.


Both from Kifu Coffee Roasters (i.e., me :)

I'm drinking a traditional Chai at a late night coffee shop in Hutchinson, Ks, called Metropolitan Coffee.  Its a really nice shop. 


Tasting some excellent Kenya French mission. Just got in a few bags (burlap bags!) of this awesome coffee. I had tried some at dogwood coffee, who uses the same importer. They had the natural processed batch, so I got the washed. Nice amounts of seed fruit and some dark cocoa. We roast this coffee at about a city++ for reference.

robusta in morning...kopi luwak now

A Brazilian elsalvadorian blend double shot macchiato. 2 oz espresso 1 oz milk. Very bright espresso plus the sweetness of the milk puts me one step from heaven

Now, a Costa Rican Las Lajas honey process. smooth, sweet, and creamy.

later, Colombian Luz Marina Sanchez Traditional Capp. bright and awesome.

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