Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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I fully understand what you are saying and agree with you. I love hearing about a new or different farm that I have not had the chance to have before. At least for me its less about the roaster and more about the coffee. There are so many great roasters out there it becomes about the coffee and not which (dare I say) peer roasted the coffee to let it shine. Hearing who the roaster is does give me a chance to know where i can buy some but there is always such a fine line between giving props and the shameless.

Keeping it Rezizzle,
But really though, we have a new experimental blend called Shameless Self-Promotion Blend... I'm loving it. but then again we're shameless

(PS thanks for selling us awesome coffee Andi!!)

A lovley FTO Mexican Altura Chiapas from Stone Cup Roasters.
Today's coffees:

1. Biloya from Counter Culture. Spectacular. A colleague was on vacation in North Carolina and brought us back a bag. Fruit galore in the fragrance. Silky rich, big body with a wonderfully clean finish. For my taste, there is nothing better than a great natural Ethiopian like this.

2. A pre-ship sample from Brazil (Daterra). 07 crop is cupping very nicely.

3. A Tanzanian peaberry roasted really lightly. Reminds me of peanut brittle when right out of the roaster.
Panther City Coffee Guatemalan Huehuetenango
This is the most delightful roast I have found in years. Unfortunately, I live in NY and have to remember to order this stuff before I run out. It sometimes takes awhile to get to NY from Texas.
I have seriously considered going on a weekend trip to visit their shop.
You'd better do it soon! It's going to be changing hands in the near future. (I don't know who to, or when)
That's hilarious that you actually have a shameless self-promotion blend. I thought you were just pointing out the potential for this exchange to be misconstrued. I love it!! I'm going to order some!

Best wishes,

Please forgive any small typos caused by the necessity of using voice dictation.
Hey spencer,
Today I am enjoying a Brazilian Mogiana that I roasted two days ago. Roasted to a city, very nice mouth feel, smooth and loads of earthyness and chocolate. I am Galileo Coffee Company in Britannia Beach BC
Panama Boquete Casa Ruiz. Mmm, very good.
Well, I'm a bit of a lush, so I started the day with a Clover of Aida's Grand Reserve - of course roasted by
PTs Coffee Roasting Co. where else! Then about mid morning I cupped Panama Esmeralda Especial roasted by two different roasters. One of the coffees had been frozen in the green state prior to roasting. Guess which one was better by far? Then shortly after lunch cupped new crop Ethiopia Special Prep Limu next to Aricha Selection 7 and several other offerings. It's been a really good day! I am all smiles! :O)
a fascinating quality about the Kenyan coffees we buy is that as they get to be late season, the acidity dips a bit and the big, winy body just coats your mouth and finishes sweetly, leaving you ever so satisfied. Caribou's Kenya AA through a Chemex pour-over. Just dandy coffee.
Kuta. Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea. Roasted by Counter Culture. French pressed. Brilliant.

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