Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Justin Mills said:
You ever wake up, and you are out of coffee and it is your day off, then you realize you didn't finish your cup last night, so you try it to see if it will suffice?? Don't do that to yourself, I just did that to myself.
Square Mile Coffee Roasters Winter Espresso. Cherry, chocolate, almond....Amazingly, with the currency conversion, it's also a deal.
A very happy palate caused by a Colombian at Citi+ from a small St Paul Roaster. (Black Sheep Cafe) The gentlest Colombian I have ever had. Pulled ristretto on the Cremina.
Kenya AA at City+ from San Rafael Coffee Co. I think I might have liked this one better at City. With the additional roasting it lost some citrus without really gaining that much.

A home roasted 5th day organic Yergh @ full city+. Smooth and still a little fresh but getting some body and flavor. Pulled on the Cremina.
Ethiopia Kemala, a wonderful dry processed micro lot, on the siphon.
Caffe D'Arte Firenze northern Italian espresso blend. Excellent as a drip coffee. It's mild, sweet and ohhhhh so smooth.
about to brew some brazil yellow bourbon from ugly mug in ypsilanti, mi.
Today my shop has a mystery blend; the label for that particular container of coffee has been misplaced or thrown out. ( whenever we open a 5lb bag we store then in air tight glass jars and put out the label form the bag and stick it in there with the beans)

HOWEVER it has some very nice blueberry notes which leads me to believe it's our organic Ethiopia Korate roasted by Katz Coffee, in Houston, Tx
I must say this is my favourite from CC... I get it every time at Octane in Atlanta

Mike Shipley said:
Ethiopian Yergacheffe Idido Misty Valley. In a big cup.

Wilson, we just got a new Kenyan in to the shop the other day, not Nyeri though. I think it's Tembo AA. I'll have to try it as espresso. I know that Yergi is sooo good through a machine too.

Ever tried a Cup of Excellence as an SO espresso?
Folgers instant arabica. Smooth, gritty, with citrus caramel notes. I brewed it on the stove by boiling water and throwing loose grounds in the pot. Then I used my girlfriends pasta strainer to make the perfect cup. Deep and delicious.
Archer Farms Guatemala San Guayaba. Part of their black tin series. Was in Target over the weekend and said what the hey...It's pretty darn good.

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