Since this forum is mainly populated by professionals that go through pounds and pounds (hopefully) of espresso every day, I was wondering from a shop perspective what tips the baristas can give on Toscano espresso preparation. Temperature, how many days do you let it sit before you use it, how many days before you consider it stale, or any other tips you may find relevant.

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I see that the better waiting for a blend is between 12-14 days if we speak for a not very dark roast situation. Did you?
I was wondering what "toscano" is? I have never heard that term before?
Toscano is "Espresso Toscano" from Counter Culture Coffee.
so it's an espresso or a method of preparation?
ok i figured it out thanks for the link!
Hey Chris. 12-14 days? Wow, I had been using a 7-10 rule, but that was discussed on I am going to work with Tony (Octane) to try some 12-14 day Toscano. Thanks for the tip! Anything else is welcomed.

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