Voice your opinion on your single origin espresso experience's. What SO's have you come across to be completely brilliant? Voice any specific's that you came across in order to achieve this brilliance (dosage, water temperature, ect...).

I hold this theory that every great SO can be balanced so well to a traditional beverage that a sense of Nirvana can be obtained. What beverage do you think your single origin espresso experience works well with?

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Wow, I can't believe this didn't get ANY responses (Baca, I'm ashamed!)
Dude, three magical words: Idido Misty Valley. When I pulled it as a shot, straight up cherries and cream, wrapped in raw cacao. 20 g dose, all the usual stuff. Pulled 1.5 oz @ around 28 (If I recall correctly...). Pair it with milk in a capp, and it was absolute heaven.
The Idido is by far and away, the best S.O. shot I've had. But I've had quite a few excellent ones, to say the least. If you don't mind a little list:
Ethiopian Yirg. Adado Moje
Ethiopian Yirg. Limu
Brasil Fazenda Sao Joao
Guatemala Huehuetenango Peaberry

are the ones I can immediately rifle off and say that those were utterly phenominal... but IMO, the Idido is just the straight business.
SO is a tricky bag. Personally I think some of the most exciting moments I've had behind a bar is working with SO. Even the stuff that doesn't really fly as a straight shot. Its always worth trying it as a capp. Sometimes I think an unbalanced SO espresso can work better in milk based drink than a blended espresso. All to often do I order a Mach. or a Capp. that taste good but ehhh I could have gotten another at a different shop with a similar taste profile. Sometimes its nice to taste something not, I'll say it, chocolaty, caramely, nutty...

But I have to say Misty Valley... Rocked my socks. Also I tried a Brazilian coffee from Fazenda Cachoeira roasted by none other than Ecco Caffe. Admittedly I was working on some sketch equipment, but wow... some inspiring stuff.
argh, I forgot about Ecco!!!
I gotta call up Andrew and ask him to sling me some goodies...

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