Who’s a local? Who’s got the itinerary? What’s the haps round that town?
All I know ‘bout the town is Tom Waits wrote a kick-ass poem based on the corner of 9th and Hennepin. That’s my only reference. I ain't ever ventured into the great North before.
I am gonna’ be doin’ a long stretch at this SCAA this year (seven nights). What is the ‘must see’ and ‘must do’?

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Sorry, bro. I'm far from a St. Paul expert. I simply know it as the Muddy Pig though I'll look around for those other joints the next time I make it across the river.
I have yet to find a good bourbon selection at any bar in the Twin Cities. A few bars carry quite a few different whiskeys, but they are all widely produced, nationally distributed brands that you could pick up at any decently stocked liquor store. The only notable bar I can think of is Muddy Pig in St Paul. They also have a great beer selection and will (hopefully) be featuring our coffee stout in time for the SCAA.

For classic cocktails, I would suggest Cosmos bar in the Graves Hotel. It about 10-12 blocks from the convention center, but is very well stocked and has some hard to fine liquors (even a 1946 Macallan if you want to invest that much money in a drink...)
Thanks for weighing in, Aaron. I appreciate the honesty about the Bourbon selection. And, on the 1946 Macallan, want and possibility are different scenarios, unfortunately. Maybe if you buy 10 containers and prepay? I'll even buy you one then. :-)
I'd love to be able to cash in on that offer. Perhaps some day :p

I also forgot to mention, Cosmos has a tasting menu - which is very unique for the Twin Cities.

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