Who’s a local? Who’s got the itinerary? What’s the haps round that town?
All I know ‘bout the town is Tom Waits wrote a kick-ass poem based on the corner of 9th and Hennepin. That’s my only reference. I ain't ever ventured into the great North before.
I am gonna’ be doin’ a long stretch at this SCAA this year (seven nights). What is the ‘must see’ and ‘must do’?

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The two don't miss events are always the BGA party and the RG party!
Brit's Pub should be on anyone's agenda for MPLS. Rooftop lawn bowling and fish 'n chips is a must. Look for it on Nicollet Mall (about 2 blocks from the convention center). The RG party @ the Local should be gravy as well.

If you have some time, spend it at Loring Park, check out the "Chain of Lakes" in Uptown, or head to the Walker Art Museum. The city rocks and is friggin' gorgeous in the Spring.
Nice tips, that's just what I needed.
I'm in particular looking for local bourbon and whiskey spots. Also love a bar that can pull off classic cocktails. Anyone know the spots?
oooo, a lady after my own tastes...
You should probably check out Nye's Polonaise Room in Minneapolis.
Esquire called it the best bar in America. http://www.esquire.com/features/ESQ1006BESTBARS_147

I would also consider W.A. Frost. It is one of the best restaurants in Saint Paul, and their bar exudes an old school classy feel. It's not exactly a bar you would go to for a "night out", but I know they have around 40 varieties of single malt scotch, and about 10 bourbons. Probably a good bet for classic cocktails as well.
Yep, W.A. Frost's is a great bar. I oughta know, cuz I lived across the street from in on Selby Avenue. A few other spots you may find interesting from this long-time Minneapolitan:
Aqua (First Avenue) Another great bar.
NBA City, a primo restaurant on the Nicollet Mall
Chez Collette, fine French dining.
Capital Grill, St. Paul. Awesome steak house.
Rock Bottom Brewery on LaSalle. Who doesn't appreciate great beer and good food.
Minnesota Music Cafe, great blues and booze on Payne Avenue in St. Paul.
First Avenue, a great live music club, the place the Artist Currently Known as Prince got his start.
And don't forget the Mall of America, it's vaunted indoor amusement park is surrounded by some very nice (as well as some very ordinary, let's be fair) restaurants. I'd recommend the California Cafe.
Minneapolis is a fabulous town and St. Paul ain't bad either. And whoever said it here was right when they said the area is great in the spring. It was always my favorite time of the year. Too late for the snow, too early for the mosquitos, and the Twins haven't been eliminated from the playoffs yet.
Great recommendations! Thanks Tim and Luke for the local insight. If you catch me drinking in one of these spots, come say hello and let me buy you a drink.
I know there are better spots for fine dining, but still have a soft spot for Jax, just because you get to determine which fish gets whacked for your dinner... a little sick, but hey, works for me ;-)
After a brief bike ride this morning I'd like to add a bit to my previous post. I encourage y'all, for convenience and variety, to spend some time walking up and down Nicollet Mall. The Mall itself is an outdoor, walking mall (or plaza) that spans about 6 blocks and is 2-3 blocks from the convention center. You'll find plenty o' bars, clubs, and restaurants. I'm personally a fan of the following:

Brits' Pub- Iconic British pub w/ rooftop lawn bowling
The Local- Outstanding Irish pub w/ excellent whiskey
Rossi's- Basement-level bar w/ top-notch bartenders and usually a jazz/blues band
Dakota Club- one the nation's best Jazz clubs
Newsroom- High-end bar

Some other notables in Downtown MPLS are:

Keyes Cafe- in the Foshay tower they serve the city's best breakfast
Hell's Kitchen- another excellent breakfast joint
Joe's Garage- a scenic Loring Park neighborhood restaurant
Murray's Steakhouse- the absolute best steak in town

If you're cabbin' it, Uptown, Dinkytown, and Seven Corners are all destinations where a good time can be had.

And for my whiskey gal, the Muddy Pig in St. Paul (162 Dale St) offers 92 whiskeys.

Shawn- Did the muddy pig happen to be Cognac McCarthy's? Or is Macs still there? I used to live around there in a previous life.
I echo the Muddy Pig
A great gastro pub in St.Paul is the Happy Gnome
The CC Club in Uptown is a great place to drink and play pool
The Sample Room and Solera are both great spots for small plates
WA Frost has a beautiful patio area
112 Eatery is a great spot for late night eating (awesome dessert too!)
Jerusalem's is always great if you go on belly dancin night
Triple Rock Social Club is a great music venue but you may be given funny looks if you are not punk rock enough.....
There is a great Co-op called The Wedge that is pretty close to the convention center to stock up on snacks and they have a great smoothie bar and deli.
Make sure to get down to the river and make use of the awesome trail systems we have all over the cities, we are one of the most bike commuter friendly states.
I pretty much cleared my schedule for the days around the show so I would be more than happy to show off my beautiful cities! Just get in touch. Maybe we should get a group together and do some touring? anybody game?

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