I'm personally footing the bill (like a great many of you) to compete at NERBC but am looking for some way to cut costs.

Anyone out there need to share a hotel room or have a couch on which I could crash in Ithaca next Thursday and Friday?


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yo- i think we had a beer during the easton jam right? anyway if you don't mind crashing with the dc/cleveland party crew, i think ann mf boatner and hopefully some other folks and i are going to try to book a room on the cheep, so if you want in on that we can work that out. msg me tomorrow and i can give you my number to work out the details.

pt. 2- the dc/cleveland party crew has a room at ithacas historic and beautiful meadow court inn less than a mile away from the nerbc. looking for more to share the love...

we definitely jammed it up in Easton. I appreciated your comments on scheduling and am excited to hear about your new espresso bar ventures. I'd be happy to do love sharing of your room.

What is the availability of beds? Should I bring a mattress or something? What works for you guys?

room is reserved, we've got two double beds, and i guess theirs a roll-away option, so whatever you feel comfortable with.

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