I am very new to the coffee business, I have been selling green coffee beans to home roasters for about a year and a half. I just started learning how to cup. I have a day job in information technology. My dream job is to become a coffee buyer. I like to travel and I enjoy different coffee. I have about 10 years until I retire from my day job, if I don't get laid off in coporate restructuring. My question is what do I have to learn to be a coffee buyer, how much does it pay, what can I learn while working my day job?

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Jim - great questions. Every coffee buyer that I know has worked up through the ranks in the coffee business, Starting as a Barista or coffee roaster, learning the business from the beans up, proving themselves, and gaining experience.

I know of no coffee buyer who was hired from outside the industry. There are technical buyers or traders who work the futures market, and tese people may be from outside the trade, but MUST have trading experience. There are fundamental coffee buyers who study the products, cup everything and develop relationships.

I am not trying to discourage you, just trying to be realistic. Your best bet is to study, study, study - become active in the industry via the SCAA, CoffeeFest, or other coffee trade groups. Network, make professional and personal connections and be open to new opportunities.

Coffee buyer positions do not become availble very often, and mostly are not advertised outside the professional networking channels in the trade. These are very difficult position to attain, and most companies have one buyer. Smaller companies usually use the owner as the buyer and do not separate out the responsibilities to others.

You may want to look into regional green coffee trading houses and first become a full-time coffee trader before getting known to roasters to become a buyer.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, that is very sound advice. I appreciate that.

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