Does anyone have any Spring/Easter seasonal recipes they are willing to share? Fall & winter are easy, but I am at a loss for spring.

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Perhaps something fruity/colorful to celebrate earth coming back to life, but just like you... I am at a loss haha.
I've got names, but that's about it. The Robin egg, the easter lilly, spring fling, spring fever....
Robin egg could be a white chocolate/ caramel sauce latte. But less coffee drinks sell and more Italian sodas and lemonades sell with the coming up heat. One delicious italian cream soda that I like to make in the spring/summer is a strawberry vanilla cream soda.
As for lattes, raspberry mocha? coconut, almond flavors are pretty spring-like. You don't see too much advertising for this time of year flavors.
you just have to remember how well citrus works with coffee, you want fresh, refreshing flavors, i have been doing white chocolate strawberry coolers, an iced white chocolate mocha with strawberry and a touch of lemon or lime... i can't give away all of my recipes, but that is a good place to start, just think fresh refreshing flavors
Citrus does sound pretty amazing, thanks for the inspiration =)
my pleasure
In the spring is when we get the first chance to sample the new harvest from Central America, specifically the Strictly HG and Strictly HB. Why not feature the new harvest coffees as your spring specials?
it may be a little late but you can use it for next year...

16oz Jelly Bean Smoothie

1/2oz Anise
3/4oz Fruit Flavor (your choice)
1oz milk or vanilla yogurt
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Blend until smooth. Garnish with Anise whip cream and jelly beans
Have you talked with you syrup and smoothie supplier for drink recipe ideas?

I know that each of the major suppliers provides this information on a regualr basis to their costomers, on thier web sites, via email announcements, and through thier distributors.
Monin has an outstanding marketing kit that has double sided posters, recipe cards, and table postcards that gets distributed every three months. I get the posters laminated and put them on the outside of the building to draw in customers.

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