Anyone have any luck with making your own chocolate for your cafe. We are experimenting with making our own for mochas. Hot, cold and blended. I can find raw cacao powder online, and then sweeten, but wanted to post something up on the bx to see if anyone has any brilliant ideas. maybe it will save me a little r & d time and money.

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Hey, check out the nifty training video that Nick Cho posted on the main page. Lots of details left out, but seems like this should tell you something. I'm assuming that, since the ohmanicantspell cocoa is unsweetened, the "chocolate" in that white tub is a mix of cocoa and sugar.
I've done three different methods for making a mocha sauce in house (ask about caramel sometime)
1. take good cacao and add Hershey's - experiment for ratios - add a little brewer water - presto a mocha sauce with both a familiar and exotic flavor that our customers love

2. take cacao of your favorite type and mix with sugar and a pinch of salt - add water and heat just to boiling - add vanilla when it cools.

3. take a good cacao and add a local honey - I use it for all of my personal drinks and many of my customer favorites.


ps - I use Omanahene (sp) for my hot chocolate with the sugar mocha mix above - customers seem to like it, but I'm not a huge fan.
So....for your option #2, is this portioned for a one cup mocha to be served on the spot. Or do you make it in bigger batches? thanks for you help

Mark T
I'm sort of partial to a very basic dutched cocoa powder, sugar, and water. A little vanilla goes a long way if you want more of a milk-chocolate, rounder flavor profile.

equal parts cocoa and sugar (by volume, not weight.. adjust as needed). Add hot water and whisk until you get the consistency you want. I've never measured the water, but I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to come up with a consistent "recipe".

It doesn't hold long, so only make what you'll be using for the day.
I'm partial to that same recipe.

Mark, what we've found works well at our medium volume shop is to have a little cannister of the premixed dry ingredients on the bar. We then make it by the drink - scooping out the dry mix into the frothing pitcher, add a little boiler water and give a quick stir to make a paste. Add milk and froth as usual - the whirlpool takes care of any little chunks. Not quite as fast as having a pre-mixed sauce, but not too bad, and there's zero waste.


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