I finally got back to working on the prev. discussed wiring issue on this 3G AV Marzocco. After frustration and checking and rechecking I found that two of the three NEW keypads I had installed were actually bad. I replaced the two again and almost all the problems were corrected. Programs held, groups consistant with eachother...but still the hot water switch engaged the middle group valve. Tried a few things and ended up wiring it straight to the valve and skipping over the brain connection. Works for me!

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That sucks. I knew it was the button boxes, but it sounds like there is something messed up in your CPU (brain) that caused the how water valve issue. Wiring it directly is better anyway *maybe not UL but who cares). I'm glad you got it figured out.
Ya, it does bug me a little bit that I can't figure out the h2o switch, but the brain operates all the functions in a different machine, so I think it is still some weird wiring problem that I just have to be ok with!

Paul Pratt would be the first guy I can think of to ask. He's in Hong Kong, but can easily be reached by email. Here's his awesome site and link to his email:


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