heading down to Panama soon (mid-March) for a non-coffee related trip, and would like to make the best out of a few extra days I have in the country. anybody have ideas for farmers, coops or projects i could visit? It won't be harvest time, but I'd still like to make it out to the growing regions, maybe cup a bit of what's still in the stocks (all the better if its available green in the US!), and just meet some great peeps.

thanks for any suggestions!

-taylor, crop to cup coffee company

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Are you a member of the SCAA? Did you search the membership directory for contacts?
Did you ask your green coffee supplier to try to arrange for you?

It would help to have already made in introdution through business than to cold-call an exporter or cooperative.
thanks for the reponse spencer.

i am not looking for a professional trip. just looking to meet some folks in the industry down there and have a bit of fun in some coffee growing regions while on a trip down there for other purposes. so, no, i am not going any of those professional routes. was mainly just looking to see if anybody had ideas for great places to visit while i'm travelling through there.
All of Panama's coffee is grown in a very small region around the Boquete/Volcan area. I would suggest calling or writing the farms.

Hacienda Esmeralda
Finca Lérida

If time is a consideration, take a flight from Allbrook Airport in Panama City to David and then take a bus to Boquete. A bus ride from Panama City to Boquete is an all-day affair.
Hi, I'd be glad to show you around if you make it to Boquete. It'd have to be sometime between March 17th and 29th, which is when I'll be there. Let me know...

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