Hi! I am hoping to move to England by late summer this year. I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about coffee shops in England, moving to England, getting a job in England or anything you think might be helpful to me. Thanks and much love,

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Where are you from?

Hm... Well, I'd advocate moving to the north east! It's got a reputation for being run down etc but I moved up here from London/South East about 6 years ago and never looked back. Everyone ends up in London, but its unfriendly and incredibly expensive. I now live in county Durham, which is a beautiful part of the world, and I'm not far from Newcastle if you want to live in the city. And living costs are vastly lower than London.
As for coffee jobs, it depends what you want to do - the UK is still dominated by big brand coffee shops, Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero. If you actually care about good coffee, then don't go there! There are still plenty of independent places around though, but finding them, especially from abroad, could be quite a task. Our local Caffe Nero is hiring right now though...!
Best of luck, hope it all goes well.
Hey Gwen,

There's a few places listed and reviewed on www.tropicalsaloon.com, but it's entirely London. Send me a PM with more specific questions, if you like... And I can probably point you in the right direction.

- Tim.
Thanks for the heads up. I was actually torn between Northern England (Yorkshire) and London. But at this point I'm willing to take either. Also, I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. Not the best economy but, full of cool people. An independent shop would be ideal, but if I have no choice, like desperately no choice, I'll settle.

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