I wanna know the best pickup lines you've ever heard from across the bar or that you've thought up to use from behind the bar. I will start us off with a few examples.

Can I buy you a cup of coffee sometime?

Wow, your forearm is so defined, you must tamp real hard.

Is that a portafilter in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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You're not helping. haha

David said:
Did you mean "moan fest!"

Jason Haeger said:
This thread is a major groan fest.
"I'll have a Brown eye"
honestly, I don't hit on people at work, one because I am just awkward and end up saying something stupid and fast like "ihaveacathernameisaliceilikecoffee.FOOD!okaythanksbye!"
but I think it is hilarious that when I pour hearts into guy's drinks they all think that I did it JUST for them, and that I have a crush on them. I had one guy that I poured a mach for who actually said "Um, really? I have a girlfriend. Kind of inappropriate."
I once had a girl leave a note in the tip jar that read something like "call me sometime" with her phone number and a reminder that she was the cute girl that ordered so and so latte. I never acted on it but I did initiate conversation with my current gf of 2 yrs by pouring a heart in her mocha and just writing HI in the middle of it with chocolate.
A friend of mine met his girlfriend by pouring her a cappucino with a blank surface an then he just wrote his phonenumber on it with chocolate syrup. They're still together so i guess it has some potential :p
You're makin' my group-heads run hot.
sorry about that. Meg and I are drinking.
Today were going topless, would you be interested in saving a the earth and go topless? Refering to "Topless Tuesdays" Its our way of saving the earth one day of the week while suggesting not having a top on there coffee to go....

Lucy Matulich said:
sorry about that. Meg and I are drinking.
really? ew.

Daniel Gruska said:
You're makin' my group-heads run hot.
In Sydney, Australia:
Can I have a beer?
Where's Coffee Club (the competiror on the same level)?
Do you heat the milk till 140 Celsius??!
Can I have a mocha with no chocolate in?
Where is the toilet?
Where's the toilet?
Whre's the toilet?
Where's the toilet? ...

And when we asked their names to call out the order, some of them would also give their phone numbers.
Do you have a certain grind and pound to take home?

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