I'm thinking about switching over my shop to use naked portafilters exclusively. They seem to pull an amazing crema and require a lot less cleaning.

Has anyone been through this before? are there pros and cons that I'm missing? Do I need to keep the double pitchforked portafilter on hand to pull odd numbers of shots, or was there a secret method for pulling just one shot naked?


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We just had our local Riflesmith cut off the bottoms of our PF's. I'm a huge fan, milk or straight shot. Our espresso is delightfully acidic to begin with, so the viscous oozing crema that the naked provides gives me shivers all over. I agree with everything that's been said about training, it's prettier, it's easier, and beginners get more excited about it. The only reason I can see to keep a split one around is for competition prep.
naked portafilters are awesome. they make beautiful crema, great texture for your shots (and they are totally sexy to watch). BUT your baristas have to be able to pull really consistent, great shots because the naked basket will point out every single flaw to your dose and tamp. one of the main purposes (besides splitting a shot) of the double spout is usually to contain flawed shots. on a naked if you have a hole or an uneven tamp or what ever it will spit and sputter and I have actually had one spray out onto me. if you have the spouts on the bottom you dont have to worry about that stuff. so go for it! just make sure there is a lot of practice and training with them before you use them in rotation every day. good luck!

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