I'd like to hear from anyone involved in or looking at working a mobile type espresso or coffee business. It is a section of the industry that is widely unexploited with untraditional oportunities for the North American soils. Italy, France,Greece and U.K. all have been successfully doing this for years. Let's discuss the positives and negatives, permitting and start-up costs. Whatever you'd like to share is good!

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obviously different ways of doing it. Festivals & other one off events and regular pitch 7 days per week probably being the extremes
can the operator handle the extremes of weather or does it need to be an indoor pitch?
we operate ..... sorry will finish later ... small child demanding we go out on bike.....
In California, extreme weather is uncommon so it works here overall. All the equipment is self contained and people get their cafe to go. Walk-ups and drive by curiosity seekers usually proves in a novelty sale as people are amazed at the little trike.
...well it's Sat AM and I'm off to sell my beans! ciao...
back again
operating in east london UK i am very envious of your weather conditions
this is a good link if you fancy cycling
I love carts as they reduce the barriers between the public and our standard of coffee - or maybe i just like shouting at passersby
our carts are so simple. we pull em and keep in a nearby yard or shop. will try and upload picture (may/not work). as you can see we take coffee to parts of east london other baristas fear to tamp!
After considering all the various things I could do with coffee here in the middle of nowhere, I'm leaning more toward a mobile business. It's something I've thought of off and on with various products, but this would perhaps allow me a greater latitude in customers, ie, if there aren't enough specialty coffee drinkers close to where I live, I'll take the coffee culture to them!

I've ordered the concession bible from foodbooth.net; I'll report on it after I've read it thoroughly.
Hi Kay Jay,

I'd be interested in hearing how things go with the consession bible and overall. Thanks for adding me as a friend. Roger
Does anyone have much experience with doing an espresso cart outdoors? I'm currently working with a company that is opening in a couple of months. In the mean time we have a training machine and are in the process of searching for an espresso cart. We are wanting to go to the farmers market over the next few weeks to promote our product and make some good connections with the local community. The idea currently seems pretty good, but I was just curious if anyone has any experience with doing coffee at farmers market and having an outdoor cart. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
I do and it's all about timing and location. Our Farmer's Market downtown street has so many coffee shops that they won't allow it. I think it's a good idea especially if you are the only one doing it.

My cart is all outdoors and mobile. I take it to the beaches, wharf and anywere people gather. When it gets slow I simply find another location. Good luck with it.


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