I am a cafe manager, barista and trainer following the third wave of specialty coffee looking to relocate in the not so distant future. The cafe I work with is a moderate-high volume store with 12-14 employees in a educational and downtown setting offering specialty coffee, tea and panini selections.

I am interested in any industry related work, particularly in sales or development, or, additional barista or managerial opportunities.

Included in the package is a wife with a MA from Yale University. We hail from Portland, and are children of Crema, Fresh Pot, Extracto and portland roasting, but, have spent the last two years out here pursuing the aforementioned graduate education.

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Hello! Would you be interested in relocating to Tucson, Arizona? I am a wholesale coffee roaster in Spokane, WA and am opening my first drive-thru in Tucson, AZ. Am looking for an experienced person in the coffee industry to be a manager and possibly an investor/partner. We will have more than one stand in Tucson, eventually could have 10 or more stores in Tucson alone. You can look at our roasting website at www.waverlycoffee.com and I have a "placeholder" website for the drive-thru at www.waverlycoffeetogo.com Thanks! Lisa
Hi Benjamin,
Please send me a resume to start.Thanks

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