If coffee is promoted as "high quality" (whether as beans or as a drink in a cafe) - what do you interpret that to mean? Good quality beans? Skilled baristas making it? Both?
Would cafe owners charge more for what they consider High Quality coffee? Again, is that because of the skills of the barista you employ or the beans themselves?
Do you think consumers view quality coffee in the same way?

Indulge me here, tis for university.

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As an owner, I see quality boiled down to the "simple" elements of quality and freshness of the coffee, and daily learning of the craft, that translates to an excellent cup. The more you have something of quality, the more noticeable it becomes when it's lacking.

As a customer I often look for the same sorts of things...

Quality and freshness of beans
skill and understanding of barista
Quality of equipment
Presentation (ceramic vs. paper, demitasse vs. weird size cup)
Result in the cup.

In the end, the result in the cup, and the questions and conversations that follow, speak the most.
That is great to say that.

Pablo Castaneda said:
That can be your understanding about coffee and its brewing, but clients do not care of it, really.

John Kijote said:
I'm a barista and a coffee shop owner, but as a Customer, the things that make quality for me are:

1) The coffee is recently roasted.
2) It's prepared correctly ( the hand of the barista ).

They are the two things that are most noticeable to me as a coffee drinker.
the 4M rule is the principle of coffee as far as i know, the blend of cofee you are using, the quality of the grinder doser, the quality of the machine, and the barista itself.... each of them are contributing 25 percent perfection and making 100 percent of the quality of the good coffee... those are the most important rule...

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