I know there are a lot of machines out there. I've worked with many. I am interested in what YOU like. Why do you like it? What is your dream machine for your shop?

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I came across an old CMA 3 group lever machine a while back and decided to refurbish it. Left it for a while but am determined to get it finished. I will share my photos with you as soon as I have it finished. DM
I have a Nesspresso "Le Cube" and agree, Ive used both manual and automatic machines but the nespresso system is brilliant! Perfect crema every time! They have a fantastic variety of coffee blends as well.

Moto-Espresso Coffee Cart said:
Realizing that I could be compromising my status on Barrista Exchange and ruin my reputation as a conisseur d' cafe, the Nepresso machines turn out a hell of a good espresso with one of the best crema's I've witnessed with any machine. The Pavloni levers are great too. Today I purchased an impulse item at Macy's in Monterey, For a cool 89 bucks, I got the Aeroccino milk frother which delivers a delicious foam for Caps and a smooth latte hot milk. in exactly 50 seconds you have cold skim milk which transforms into a beautiful creamy foam. 120 seconds gives you a rich, hot milk.
Tutto bono, ciao.
I'm glad you like your sibilla, cuz' mine is less than stellar. I dialed back the temp on the boiler so I wouldn't have to temperature surf for 15+ seconds and now I don't have adequate steam pressure. Most of the HX machines just don't add up when it comes to consistency, in my opinion (though I am intrigued by the use I've had with the NS Aurelia). Synesso/ La Marzocco are my favorites. I would say I like Dalla Corte and even Astoria's new 3 boiler machine, but the 52 mm portafilters are not my bag.
Ryan Ross said:
It is strange, but I have been working on an Astoria Sibillia for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. Cheap replacement parts (cost at least), runs smoothly in a high volume cafe and we haven't had any problems out of her unless it was due to barista's not cleaning her right. I used to work on a La Marzocco and I will always have a soft spot...but for the price and durability of the thing I can't get over my Astoria.
Plus if you get it in black it looks like something out of Darth Vader's kitchen. Hell yeah!

liz said:
YAYAYAYAYAY I work on an Astoria Gloria and I love her... I wouldn't trade her for anything and she is old!
Beth said:
i'm not afraid to say it: the la marzocco is fine and all, but my favorite machine will always be the Astoria Gloria. I worked on this machine for the majority of my career and i will always have a soft spot for good 'ole gloria.
Thank you! Here she is.

Kayakman said:
Manual lever - Rancillo Classe 6 LE 3 group.
La Marzocco GS3 for home or light commercial categories and fb80 for the coffee shop!!. Those are the best espresso machine ever built. The GS3 is the perfect machine for those who do not have space in their coffee shop but want a high perfomace. The fb80 ensures maximum temperature stability for coffee brewing and that is what i like the most.

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