Do anyone exclusively use oragnic milk even with the cost double? And has, or does, it make a difference in people coming in?

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I don't think it really makes that much of a difference to the customer if you leave it at milk alone.

The choice which has to be made is am I going organic all the way? Your image as a shop will be much more convincing if you sell organic milk, muffins made with flour from organic wheat, etc. That way you can actually place a sign telling that all you're products are organic and it will have much more of an impact.

The extra cost coming with going organic wil be much more acceptable for a customer as well.

yeah, we use exclusively organic milk at my shop. I'm not sure that the average customer would really be impressed by the difference unless you tell them about it (which we do). However, ppl who know coffee and can taste the difference are really impressed.

But obviously, the real quality comes from using the best coffee, not the best accessory. Buy direct!
very helpfu. thx
we use Organic small dairy milk and charge more. It tastes better and is better. everyone wins. If you increase your quality raise your prices.
I agree. Thx for the input.

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