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No, this is Perrys.

Nice triple. If only they were all the same style. That's the real challenge with multiple rosetta pours. They're never the same basic shape.
Ah, there he is! Thanks, Jason.
And my apologies to Antonios... extremely similar styles...
And yeah, I just made the jump from doub's to trip's about a week ago... never really tried, but then I just winged it on day. They're getting better, although they are never symetrical, and its almost too much going on in the cup, visually.

It begs the question of whether latte art is for trick execution points, or if it's really about aesthetic appeal.

I tend to lean more towards the aesthetic side of things myself, but that's just me.
I gotta say, whenever someone makes a drink for me, if there happens to be some killer freepour on it, I tend to get a little tingly... not to say the drink should f'ing TASTE killer, as well. I crappy capp is still crap whether there's 5 rosetttas on it or just a big glob of foam.
and my reply to your last post is above it, because I'm a damn moron.
perry's is my friend and we work together...
a few shots i took for my friend Antonio from my practice

Double tulips

Double Tulips

Wave Heart

This one is for Jason


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