I opened a new case of Vitasoy organic original today and began steaming with it and IT SUCKED. I have been using the same product since we opened and have gopne through dozens of cases of the stuff and the new packaging MUST include a new recipe and I'm guessing it's lower fat because of how it behaves under steam. It's like almond milk now.

Do you have a recommendation for a replacement for Vitasoy that's available in Canada and that steams up nicely for everything from soy Macchiatos to Soy Chai?

Lemme know!

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we use silk soy milk and I really like it. Other people in seattle use Pac Soy or Pacific soy, but I prefer Silk.
We use Edensoy Original, and it works great.
Soy Dream has always foamed the best for me.
Hey thanks everybody. I haven't tried Edensoy or SoyDream yet but I will. I also am looking into Silk and PAcSoy - which I have used before. For my purposes the Vitasoy was the best until lately but I should revisit the others on your recommendations.
Pac Soy gives a nice creamy finish, and is not chalky like some other brands. I really enjoy it and does foam really smooth.

Silk soy milk work great!!! I work with it for 3 years and no problem...
Hmm, 2 votes for Silk, 2 for PacSoy...Maybe I'll just goe with what gets the most votes!
oh dude I have the solution for you! Its called pacific we carry it and its meant to be heated not put on cereal. I drop a sample for you to try. It steams like milk and has good flavour.
we also carry silk but my on conclusions are still the same! Silk is meant for cereal.
Silk kinda doesn't stack up to the Soy Blenders at least or the cheaper Ambiance soy. But I am not sure if either of those products are readily available in Canada.
AMBIANCE from cash and carry. It is made by pacific but has a foaming agent (whatever that is:))
I've used Edensoy in the past with less than stellar results, in my opinion. My vote goes to Silk Vanilla. It's not chalky at all and steams/froths like a dream without any icky stabilizers (to my knowledge).

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