we have noticed a design flaw with the creamer pitchers we use at the shop...there's a little gap between the vaccuum bottle lining and the plastic shell and cream has gotten trapped in there. We've tried soaking them overnite in purocaff, immersing them overnite in vinegar and water, but there's still little chunks of coagulated cream trapped in that crack.

Has anybody come up with a solution to what seems to be a common problem?

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This doesn't sound like an appropriate cream dispenser. Is it NSF? I know that many carafes that are commonly used are labeled "not for use with dairy products" specifically for the reason you've described.

PuroCaff and vinegar are good for dissolving coffee crud, but wouldn't touch dairy. Gonna have to manually remove that. What about a toothbrush? Then a SERIOUS sanitizer treatment. Then re-purpose them and get different cream pitchers.
it's a service ideas vacuum caraf and there is no indication that it is not for use with dairy. they are hand wash only.


I can't get in between the vacuum insert and the outer shell with a toothbrush...
a little cafiza and hot water. cafiza can clean anything, not just coffee pots. I also use it every once and a while to clean the tarnish off of the sink
We use puro-caff for dairy It works great.
like I said, we used puro caff and we can't get it into the CRACKS between the vacuum insert and the outer shell??? It's like if you bang the thing, little chunks of curdled cream come out.
I am a firm adherent to Reduce Reuse Recycle but I think that it might be time to play a dirge for that pitcher. I have never been able to find a solution to that problem.
Not totally familiar with this particular carafe, but I have seen them used all over the place. I'll try to get a look next time I see one. Hopefully someone here that has more experience with this carafe will have something more useful for you.

That said, if there is a path for cream to get into an inaccessible area, it is not an appropriate cream container. If you can't clean it, don't use it.

The only reason I suggested that PuroCaff wouldn't work well on dairy is that, as I understand it, it is just an acid-based cleaner. We all know what dairy does when it comes in contact with an acid, right? Also, I don't believe that it is a sanitizer, which is clearly called for here. So it may work great for cutting crud from lots of stuff, but don't think its doing anything for food safety...
What about a wet/dry vac? Fill it with liquid and then utilize the suction and gravity to get those little buggers out.
Sounds challenging.
Puro caff has a seperate product called purocaff dairy this is the product I was refering to. It shines the inside of my dairy container and it looks like new. It also cleans the pump and all the parts.
awesome. thanks you guys!
whoever designed these pitchers needs to be shot. i hate them and have never found a cure for the curdled milk leaking from in between the plastic handled part and metal container. i'm searching for better pitchers that don't contain any plastic as it also absorbs the rancid smell of milk. any suggestions?
Try using a 1 liter stainless steel lined container, with stainless steel exterior. There's no place the milk can get that you can't clean. We're just washing them in normal dish soap and water with a bottle brush every night at close. There's never a problem with any bad smells as long as they are washed thoroughly each night. I noticed that the product description in your link says "do not submerse" which makes me think they will allow liquids into places that you won't be able to clean.

A nice thing about the all steel containers is that they stay cold for a very long time if you keep them in the refrigerator overnight before you fill and set them out. Steel retains the cold longer than plastic.

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