I am looking at an Ambex YM-15 and don't know too much about Ambex. Good? Bad? How different will it be from my Diedrich IR-3 besides just the size of the roast size?
Any imput would be great.

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Dan, I have been roasting on an Ambex YM15 for about 5 years now. It does it's job very well. I haven't roasted on an IR machine so can't back up any comparative comments. It should be a good step up in size as your needs grow.We top out our batch size at 20 lbs. as we have found it to be large enough and still responsive to input changes. The support crew at Ambex are very helpful whether you buy new or used. Are you looking at a new or used machine?
Thanks for the help. One of my other questions was going to be about batch size. It is a very lightly used machine, about a year and a half old.
I was woundering, does your YM-15 have an external cyclone or is it inside the machine.
Our machine does not have an external cyclone- it is built in, under the cooling bin.

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