Im curious to know what everyone's Favorite brew method would be? Lets say for this conversation we leave out Espresso. Lets stick with other methods. Drip, French Press, Vacuum, Balance Brew, Turkish, Perculator, boiling coffee with egg yokes, whatever. Just curious what different types of brew methods us professionals are using out there. Follow up question, if you have a shop, do you use that method in your shop? As I bring this discussion up I am brewing myself a cup of Tanzanian Peaberry, Bring about 10oz of fresh cool water to about 180
degrees in a cast iron tea pot & pour the water through 2tbsp finely ground coffee in a paper filter straight into a hot heavy mug. Unadulterated & pure. I normally only brew myself coffee 1 cup at a time but if I was brewing more than 1 cup, then I prefer the Vacuum Brewer (I have a Bodum Santos for that) or the Balance Brewer (same basic principal of the Vacuum Brewer but looks cool!)

You also can never go wrong with a good French Press. But for the most part I make my daily cup 1 drip at at time whether it be hand poured or an electric "drip drip". How about you? How do you prefer to wet your daily grind? Happy Brewing,
Bella Caffe

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French press or Vacpot
Keeps the flavors alive
I agree, French Press is the best.
vac pot all the way! i dont get to have one too often, so when i do its an extra treat!
I recently purchased an AeroPress. Wow, does that make some smooth coffee. It took a bit of experimentation to determine the right grind using my grinder, but it is consistent and fast! The amazing thing is that you only heat the water to 175 degrees F. This ends up with a beautifully drinkable cup immediately after brewing. Sweet.
Yeah Vacpot for me too. Love the control!
Yeah, just finished my first cup from the Aeropress as well. Really surprising. Gonna work on the method - there's certainly enough info out there, but the first cup was way good. I'm also gonna try the swissgold mod, which seems to be a popular tweak. (Before anyone asks... that's where you cut a little disc out of a swissgold filter to use in place of the supplied paper filters. Supposed to be more transparent.)
I also prefer french pressed coffee. Sometimes I feel like a Eastwood cowboy drinking coffee around the campfire, it has a grunge appeal to me :)
7 oz. rocks glasses or pudding bowls, silver spoons, cuspidor. even pour over is getting a little too posh for me.
Ian McCarthy said:
7 oz. rocks glasses or pudding bowls, silver spoons, cuspidor. even pour over is getting a little too posh for me.

Yeah, those silver spoons are SO less posh than a $2 "Made in China" black plastic Melitta.

Vacpot with Press as a second choice.
I find much more dynamic flavor and clarity in the vacpot, but I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
Chemex and/or Aeropress are always the way to go.
Sometimes I like to grind the coffee beans with my teeth and swish with crazy-hot water for about three minutes to enjoy maximum flavor. After I swallow the delicious brew, I spit the grounds outside to create a wonderful mulch.

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