my company will buy new machine.

1.Faema jubile E61
2. La cimbali m39 dosatron
3. La cimbali m29 selectron
4. Faema E92 elite
5. Faema Emblema A
6. simoneli Appia
7. Ransilio classe 10

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If it was me.....La Marzocco GB5 or Dalla Corte Evolution. DM
thank you for your answer~
i really want use La marzocco!!
I've used the M39 Dosatron and it's a workhorse of a machine, but having used the GB5 as well, the GB5 is really more refined.

But if I were to pick from your list. M39 would be my machine of choice.
i have n my shop faema e 61 legend s3 and lm gb5, faema is beauty and works great even when a lot of coffee produced, but if you are a geek, temperature is going up and down, many other stuff to take care about, me i was working on faema for 2 years so i know her heart, faema is feminem, also, im not fan of jubilee cos is automatic but works nice and thats it. but gb5 its just fab, temp stability, cleanness, not that nice as faema but works as crazy, take care of moving air from group heads on the beginning and you can work until you die...i can send you pictures if needed...
thank you reply!!!

really good imformation to me.

but in korea real hard to get Faema legend.

please send picture for me

i'll wait your picture~

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